PayPal Login – Log in to your PayPal Account


PayPal is an American company that helps in online payment in many countries all across the globe. This online payment system acts as a mediator between commercial users and merchants and business owners. This is a very safe and secure way for online transactions and online shopping. You can very easily use the PayPal app and create an account through which you can make different online payments and partake in different transactions. 

Steps to create a PayPal account for Business

  1. The first thing you need to do is to open the Paypal website and then tap the Sign-up button.

  2. Then, you have to choose the Business account option and press the Next button.

  3. Then, type an email address. After that, you have to generate a PayPal login id and a strong password. Remember to create a stable password as you will be using this account for transactions.

  4. Then, enter the business information for your PayPal login and account.

  5. Go through all the information and the terms of the application carefully and then, tap Agree.

  6. Then, you have to give your employer id and other business aspects as they are very important for a business account.

  7. Then, you will have to verify the account using personal information like a mobile number.

  8. The last step is to press the Verify button and once it is done, you can use your PayPal account without any difficulty. 

After you have created an account for yourself, it is important to link the account with a bank account from which you are going to do all the payments. You will find this option once you complete PayPal sign up into your account. You have to select your bank account which is given under the money section and now, you can make any payment using your PayPal online transaction account.