What Happened to MangaStream?


A lot of people these days are wondering that what exactly had happened to MangaStream, a very famous comic website.

What is Mangastream?

Before we know what happened with Mangastream, we should know what Mangastream is and how you can use the website. 

Manga is referred to comics made in Japan. Unlike other comics like the DC or Marvel or even the Tintin Comics from Belgium, Manga comics are mostly printed and published in black and white colour. Only some specific editions of these comics are printed in colour and they a lot of people love to read these comics.

Mangastream is a website that collects all the Japanese Manga comics without a license and provides them on their website. It was a very popular site as people used to read these comics without any problem. But, it violated a lot of rules and laws of Japan.  

Why was Mangastream shut down?

Manga comics brought a lot of money as they were very popular among the Japanese audience, but the illegal publication of these comics on MangaStream created a sufficient difference in the money generated. The owners of these comics did not get any royalties as they were not legally published. Mangastream was shut down by the Japanese government as it was illegal and violated numerous copyright laws. 

What can you do afterward?

But now the major problem is in front of the people who used this illegal website to read comics on the Manga Stream App. A lot of people have used this website to read unlimited comics available on it because the website provides translated as well as subbed and dubbed versions of different comics. 

So let me tell you that if you are a manga fan that used Mangastream, do not worry as there are a lot of alternatives to this app that you can use to enjoy your favorite comic. 

Best Alternatives of Mangastream

It was heartbreaking for a lot of Manga fans who could no longer use Mangastream. But we're here to tell you that you don't have to be sad because there are a plethora of MangaStream alternatives available for comic book fans. You can easily use these websites on any web browser and benefit from them.

  • Mangadex.org

Using this website is easy, but it has one downside, as you cannot download any comics to read. You can only read these comics online.

  • Kissmanga.com

This free website provides numerous Manga comics without any registration. This website also regularly updates new comics and series.

  • Mangatown.com

This awesome website provides even the rarest comics that one cannot find anywhere else. You will even find new, old, or ongoing series on this wonderful alternative. 

  • Mangafox.online

This beautiful site attracts a lot of users as it has a very good design. And you can easily read the comics as they are present in PDF form. 

Now, we are sure that you are not sad knowing that Mangastream has been shut down as you can still use these sites. You can also learn more about Manga comics by visiting the website allaccessing.com.